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Aeol gateway features

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Simple monitoring and statistics of each API

Helping you detect quickly integration problems  so appropriate measures can be taken. Using Kafka and REDIS and logging with ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Datadog, Splank, StatD.

Simple monitoring and statistics
Kubernetes + Devops

Kubernetes + Devops

Natively developed cloud architecture on Kubernetes allows the integration of your APIs in Continuous Integration development cycles under the Dev-Ops model.

Limits and Call Control

Policies for the use of APIs can be established in a different way to establish quotas and limits on calls (by message size, by IP Allow / Disallow list) according to the capacity or security requirements of our systems.

Limit and control calls
GEO localization


The geographic data of the consumption of each API is managed and recorded, with this ability we can identify the data flow of our integration eco-system and its requests.

Access and security

AEOL API Gateway allows user access and control in an integrated way with different market standards Oauth, Token and LDAPs. Supports encryption of the message (request, response or both).

Access and Security
Unit test on APIs

Unit test on APIs

You can mock up the API versions before they are released and evaluate the behavior of the API with the entered data.

Integrated Cache

Our API Gateway design has the ability to use different types of cached data such as, NearCache, Redis, Redis Cluster and all supported by IP.

Integrated Cache
Event notificaction

Event notifications

You can define usage policies for each API and each defined event (response time, excessive usage, size limit) triggers a message by Mail, Slack and Gitter.

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